Fregate Island, Seychelles

Picture by Nina & Anouk

Nina Gerber & Anouk N'Guyen

Why we enjoy communicating science

We think that research should not only be accessible for everyone, but should also be transmitted in different and entertaining ways. Some people like reading scientific papers, but for most non-academics, it is nearly impossible to access them, and even if papers are accessible they are mostly targeted for scientists in a similar field and can be hard to understand. We are convinced that researchers should make an effort in making their science attractive and understandable for everyone. We are lucky that part of our job is to study fascinating systems, and we think it is a privilege to share our knowledge. Thus, we enjoy participating in many events to communicate our research in various ways. Here, you find a selection of our efforts. 

Ninas Natur

"Ninas Natur" is Nina's attempt to share fascinating facts about biological systems that I encounter. Nature is so full of wonders, and often the coolest things happen right in front of us - we just have to pay attention! However, the blog is so far only in German, but feel free to email me if you would like to learn more about one of the topics.


Globi and the new species

"Globi" is a Swiss comic book character aiming to give children access to complex subjects ranging from natural sciences to politics. In this book, "Globi" is learning about invasive species, how they travel around the world and how they impact biodiversity. Among the species Globi meets are the invasive gobies in the Rhein. Anouk was part of the development of this chapter and provided Atlant Bieri with facts about the invasive fish.


Dance your PhD!

Nina was trying to explain a central part of her PhD thesis, the Daphnia life cycle, in a  dance performance. This was part of the Science "Dance your PhD competition" 2016. If you want to see a bunch of researchers dancing on an island in the archipelago of southern Finland, watch the video here.


A comic about the best

of both worlds

The comic was part of the life science Zürich and the Zoological Museum Zürich. 


You find a bigger version of the comic on Researchgate.


Nina's thesis in a poem

To have a short and fun-to-read summary of her thesis, Nina made a poem.

Enjoy! :)


Why are we not all facultatively sexual, and what are the two-fold cost of sex?

To explain the two-fold cost of sex, Nina made a poster and a video for the scientific outreach poster exhibition at the conference "Biology 16".



To make it easier to understand the method Nina used in a paper, she made a supplementary video, in which she explains the modelling procedure. Watch the video here.


Supplementary video to explain the methods of a paper